Fluchtgrund Queer

Queer Refugees Deutschland

People who flee usually have good reasons for doing so. This is especially true for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people (LGBTIQ+) who have experienced persecution and violence in their home countries. In nine countries around the world, homosexuals are subject to the death penalty, and in about 70 countries, same-sex acts are punished with prison sentences of several years. Persecution and abuse can come not just from the state, but also from the family, militias and other non-governmental organisations. In many countries, LGBTIQ+ people do not receive any protection from the state or even fear persecution from the state if they file a complaint. Of course, like many other people, LGBTIQ+ people leave their home countries because they see no prospects there due to the political and economic situation. LGBTIQ+ people in these countries are usually also exposed to structural discrimination in the health care system, on the labour market or in the education system. In order to support LGBTIQ+ refugees, a number of initiatives from the queer scene, but also from other social players, have been formed throughout Germany that offer psychosocial counselling, space for encounters and support for LGBTIQ+ refugees during the asylum process and beyond. More and more LGBTIQ+ refugees are joining these initiatives or forming their own self-help structures.

Our offers

The aim of the new LSVD project “Fluchtgrund queer: Queer Refugees Deutschland” is to keep expanding the networking structures that exist throughout Germany. Municipal employees and all others who work with refugees are made aware of the special needs of LGBTIQ+ refugees. The employees and volunteers can use the expertise they have gained to address the needs of these particularly vulnerable refugees with more confidence and in a more targeted manner.
Our work also focuses on raising awareness and preparing integration and vocational language course leaders on the topic of “empowering sexual and gender diversity”. A specially designed textbook is taught to the course leaders in training sessions and made available free of charge for their work.
The existing website “” is also being revised. Numerous information and contact points throughout Germany can be found in a clear online map. Furthermore, the site is available to interested parties in nine different languages and in plain English.
You can also order information material on the topic of LGBTIQ+ refugees from us free of charge.

Are you active in the field of refugee assistance or for an LGBTIQ+ organisation?
If you are working in the field of refugee assistance or for an LGBTIQ+ organisation, we would be happy to train and advise you and your colleagues on your work with LGBTIQ+ refugees as part of the project.
Are you a refugee LGBTIQ+ person yourself and looking for a contact or counselling? We will gladly put you in touch with the appropriate contact point in your area without any red tape. Are you interested? Get in touch with us!

Contact us:

You can reach us via email and Facebook. An answer is usually given within several days. In case of urgent emergencies such as incidents of violence, please contact the police.

An asylum application for Germany can only be made in Germany. If you are still abroad and would like to enter Germany to subsequently apply for asylum, we unfortunately cannot offer you any help.

One legal way to enter and live in Germany is a work visa or a study visa. For more information, please contact the German Embassy in your country.


Contact persons for the project based in the LSVD Federal Office in Cologne:

Lilith Raza
+49 (0) 221/925961-17
German, English, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu

Ina Wolf
+49 (0) 221/925961-20
German, English

Colin Cahill-Müller (er/he)

+49 (0) 157-30961018
German, English